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Artful Lies: May Book Club

May 29, 2020

The Novel:
Artful Lies (The Hunt Legacy Duology #1)

The Author:
Jodi Ellen Malpas 

The Not-so-Noobie: 
Becky Feldman (@beckles212)
Too Stupid to Live Podcast (@TSTLpodcast)

The Synopsis:
An irresistible connection, a desire that won't let go...

When aspiring antiques dealer Eleanor Cole is handed the chance of a lifetime to work for the Hunt Corporation, the renowned antiques dealers, she doesn't think twice. Only to discover she'll be working up close and personal with the notorious and insanely irresistible Becker Hunt. He is a man famous for getting what he wants, and Becker wants Eleanor.

But as Becker pulls her deeper into his world, she discovers there's more to him than meets the eye.

And falling for Becker goes from being foolish to dangerous...

Show Notes:
- Welcome to the Boobies & Noobies Book Club! 
- Be sure to check out our Bluewater Billionaires Book Club series from Fall 2019
- Introducing my co-host, Becky Feldman, host of Too Stupid to Live podcast
- What's coming up on Too Stupid to Live 
- Moving during times of quarantine... Yikes
- Special Thanks to Valentine PR & Literary Management (00:05:54)
- Introducing the May Book Club pick: Artful Lies (00:06:44)
- Duology talk and the craftsmanship of good pacing
- The sudden abundance of cliffhanger endings in romance
- Jodi Ellen Malpas on Boobies & Noobies 
- Join Valentine's Book Club and Party Room on Facebook for more author interviews! (00:11:53)
A brief synopsis for Artful Lies (00:12:26)
- Spoiler-free summarized feedback from Becky & Kelly 
What we love: flawed characters, raw emotions, over-the-top alpha males 
- Meet Becker Mother-F*cking Hunt
- Book Club Question #1: What are 3 words to describe Becker Hunt? (00:16:10)
 Book Club Question #2: Which actor would you pick to play Becker? (00:19:21)
- Henry Cavill has our vote... but, Hugh Dancy
- Jodi's books on screen: The Protector (Passionflix) and This Man (coming soon to Passionflix)
- Meet Eleanor Cole
Book Club Question #3: What are 3 words to describe Eleanor Cole (00:28:31)
Book Club Question #4: Which actor would you pick to play Eleanor? (00:29:31)
- Karen Gillan has our vote... but Florence Pugh could be a dark horse
- An unexpected discussion of the best Little Women adaptations
Book Club Question #5: What are some of your favorite tropes? (00:33:58)
- High five for forced proximity, forbidden love, and fake dating! 
- Finding new romance before the time of book blogs and Twitter (00:38:06)
- Book Recs: The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts, Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein
- The seedy and sexy world of art and antiquities
- Book Club Question #6: If you had the financial means, what item (art, memorabilia, etc.) would you buy? (00:42:05)
- The importance of researching "the world" of a book 
- Our love for British slang and curse words 

*Promo for The Mermaid Podcast* (00:53:49)

- Let the Spoiler Talk begin...(00:54:38)
- A detailed discussion about spanking
- Our predictions for Wicked Truths (01:13:24)
- The treacherous waiting game for book two
- Book Club Question #7: How do you feel about cliffhanger endings? (01:25:00)
A couple of steamy sexcerpts...
- Pre-order your copy of Wicked Truths (November 12th release) 
- Giveaway Winners 
- June Book Club announcement (01:42:42)

Giveaway Winners:
Leanne Hanney
Carly Woakes 

June Book Club:
The Girl in the Love Song (Lost Boys #1) by Emma Scott (book available June 7th)

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