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Steamy Spotlight: Interview with Hannah Orenstein

June 23, 2020

*Content Warning*
In our discussion of Head Over Heels (beginning 00:28:42) we do reference one of the book's subplots which deals with sexual and emotional abuse of minors. 

Author Hannah Orenstein joins Kelly to discuss the multiple hats she's worn over the past decade, from professional matchmaker to Senior Dating Editor at Elite Daily and now, published novelist. Along with Hannah's latest release, Head Over Heels, the ladies discuss the darker side of competitive gymnastics, some excellent advice for budding romance writers, and the future of dating in a post-pandemic world... whenever that may be.

Hannah Orenstein

Show Notes: 
- Introducing Hannah Orenstein, author, editor, and... professional matchmaker? 
- The 2020 Summer Olympics and Simone Biles 
- Incorporating personal experiences into the books we write (00:05:28)
- Becoming a professional matchmaker: Playing with Matches 
- Hannah's professional dating advice for singles post-pandemic
- Writing relationships as something "out of your control" (00:14:30)
Kelly & Hannah's histories with romance shame
- "Bonnet Rippers" aka Amish Romance
- Recommending Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston 
- Hannah's favorite tropes to read and write and Love at First Like(00:19:53) 
- The importance of loving what you write 
The story behind Hannah's latest novel, Head Over Heels, available now (00:21:55)
- "Everything I know about gymnastics I learned from watching 'Stick It'"
- The physical, mental, and emotional challenges of being an Olympic teen athlete
- The darker side of gymnastics (00:28:42) *Content Warning*
- Recommended gymnastics reading: Fierce by Aly Raisman
- Hannah's favorite (spoiler-free) scenes from Head Over Heels 
- Predictions for quarantine love stories (and quarantine break-ups)
- Next up for Hannah and the story she's dying to write (00:42:29)
- Murder mystery recs - Too Good to be True and They Wish They Were Us
- Advice for romance reading AND writing "noobies" 
- Where to find, follow, and keep in touch with Hannah: on Instagram, on Twitter, and on her website: 

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