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Steamy Spotlight: Interview with Martha Waters

April 5, 2020

In this month's Steamy Spotlight episode, Kelly interviews author Martha Waters about her debut novel, To Have and To Hoax (on sale April 7th, 2020), her favorite book-spirations, and of course, how she's surviving the long days of quarantine. 

Martha Waters 

Show Notes: 
- Surviving the Covid-19 Quarantine 
- Writing/reading romance at this time - hardship or escape?
- Coming together through isolation 
- Tips and tricks for surviving social-distancing (long Jane Austen-esque walks)
- A toast to "Future Martha" for reaching her deadline
- Martha's romance origin story: Georgette Heyer and Julia Quinn
- The Best of Regency Romance: Eloisa James, Tessa Dare, & Sarah MacLean
- A switch to the new "rom com" with The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
- Writing Children's and Young Adult (YA) vs. Writing Romance
- Separating your day job from your passion projects
- Martha's obsession with consumption, the "most romantic way to die"
Anne of the Island Spoiler Alert! 
- Introducing To Have and To Hoax (which began as a NaNoWriMo project)
- Morning bird or night owl?
- Setting a timer for writing ala Lauren Graham
- Recommended: Anything Lucy Parker (even non-romance readers will love)
- If you missed it, I read Act Like It by Lucy Parker on an episode of Too Stupid to Live
Recommended: Kate Clayborn - fantastic real, dreamy book boyfriends 
To Have and To HoaxPride and Prejudice meets "First Wives Club" 
- So much more than a debut novel 
- A quick note on reviews... keep them positive or keep them to yourself
- A brief summary of To Have and To Hoax from Martha (it only took 35 minutes to get here)
- This one's for the Friends fans: "The One Where Everyone Finds Out" 
- A sneak peek at Martha's next book, To Love and To Loathe, out in 2021 
- Reimagining Friends in the Regency Era: "The One with the Regency Romance" 
- Martha's inspirations: sitcoms, Regency romance, and screwball comedies 
- What's up next for Martha? Lots of possibilities and ideas...
- Martha's take on why so many adults enjoy YA novels
- Advice to "noobies": read a subgenre that appeals to you!
- Kelly loves her military/Navy SEAL romances
- Who has the secret book of names for romance heroes?
- The beginning of a beautiful friendship :)

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