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Steamy Spotlight: Interview with RC Boldt

July 20, 2020

Hell Hath No Fury author and karaoke queen, RC Boldt, joins Kelly to discuss her venture into romantic suspense, her gift for digging up hole-in-the-wall taco stands, and her deep dive into the Dixie Mafia which may (or may not) have involved googling the "dark web". 

RC Boldt 

Show Notes: 
- Promo for Dateable, a Frolic Podcast Network show
- Introducing RC Boldt 
- RC's go-to karaoke jams and workout playlists (00:02:27)
- The beginning of RC's romance-reading career (00:05:35)
- Friends-to-lovers and Second-Chance Romance with a dash of military 
- RC recommends: Anything by Lauren Layne 
- You gotta love a book named Clam Jam... 
- It's okay to break "the rules" and talk to the audience/reader
- The history behind The Good Samaritan and why it doesn't fit inside "the box"
- The crazy story behind RC's latest book, Hell Hath No Fury (00:15:20)
- The challenges of writing romantic suspense (00:21:59)
- The beauty that is Timothy Olyphant (and other dudes with shaved-heads) 
- A brief discussion about the evolution of romance novel covers
- More romantic suspense to come!
- The research deep-dive for Hell Hath No Fury (00:27:30)
- What's one or two tidbits about the Dixie Mafia?
- What's up next for RC? More mafia... (00:35:11)
- Our shared gift for finding the best hole-in-the-wall foodie spots
- The EXCLUSIVE blurb for RC's next mafia book! (00:39:13)
- RC's advice to the "noobie" romance readers (00:45:08)

- This might be the start of a beautiful business venture... 

- Where to find, follow, and keep in touch with RC: on Instagram, Facebook, or join the Boldt's Beach Babes Readers group on Facebook.  

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